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This Is for a single "Off The Shelf" map using a COBB AccessPort

This mapping has refinements to boost fueling, timing, and per-gear throttle mapping for a smoother driving experience.  

Expected Power: Stock

91-93:  270-290whp and 340-360wtq   Boost Target: 18psi

E40:  320-330whp and 380-400wtq       Boost Target: 20psi


Expected Power: Stock+ Intake

91-93:  300-320whp and 340-360wtq   Boost Target: 18psi

E40:  340-360whp and 380-400wtq       Boost Target: 20psi

After the purchase, you will be contacted via email within 48hrs with your tune file, instructions for uploading the tune file to the vehicle, data-logging instructions, and any other needed details.